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Benefits of Walk-In Tub Remodeling for Your Home

Have you heard of walk-in tubs but are wondering what the hype is all about? You have probably seen them featured in TV commercials and magazines, but you may not be familiar with the many benefits of installing a walk-in tub in your home.

 Here at WalkInTubs.Com, we are always excited to educate our customers on the many exciting benefits of accessible bath products.

We have been in the accessible bathroom remodeling business since 2006, so we understand more than most how a brand new walk-in bath can transform your home and routine. 

Here are some of the many benefits of installing a walk-in tub: 

Limited mobility

Walk-in tubs are ideal for people with limited mobility because the low-step entry allows them to simply walk in and sit down. They can also be set up to allow people who use walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters to pull up alongside the fixture and transition from the device to the tub. Additions like non-slip flooring and grab bars can help facilitate this process.


Hydrotherapy is a method of using water – usually via a combination of jets – to ease tension in sore muscles and joints. That is why competitive athletes often soak in a bathtub after a game. It is thought that this practice goes back to ancient Egypt! In modern times, we use hydrotherapy jets and whirlpool tubs to achieve even greater results. 

At WalkInTubs.Com, we offer a range of whirlpool tubs as well as walk-in baths outfitted with jets. These tubs are twice as deep as a traditional bath, making them comfortable for soaking your entire body in. 

The jets soothe your muscles, relieve aches and pains and even stimulate your body to release endorphins to serve as a natural painkiller. 

They double as a shower

Many people do not realize that walk-in tubs also double as perfectly serviceable showers. The faucet set-up includes an extendable shower head that you can use as a hand wand. Some models feature an extendable rod where you can mount the showerhead to have a more traditional, hands-free experience. 

Plus, the tub is deep enough and walled so you do not have to worry about water getting onto the bathroom floor. This setup is popular because it provides homeowners with the flexibility to switch between baths and showers without needing a separate tub and shower stall. 

Preventing Slips and Falls

As people age, the likelihood of slipping and falling rises. Unfortunately, even minor falls can result in devastating injuries and costly medical bills. Falls are common in the bathroom where slippery surfaces abound – especially when stepping over steep tub ledges or trying to maneuver around in a busy floor plan. Walk-in tubs greatly reduce the frequency of tub and shower-related falls because they feature a low-step threshold and grab bars for balance. 

Within the tub itself, there is built-in seating so the bather can sit comfortably instead of attempting to stand for a prolonged period in a slippery and hazardous environment.

Aging in place

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, we have more people than ever before having to decide to either remain at home or move into an assisted living center. 

The problem is that traditional bathrooms are built with young, mobile individuals in mind. However, making certain adjustments like installing a walk-in tub and other accessibility features can enable aging residents to remain safely in their beloved homes. 

Plus, the cost of home modifications is often far less expensive than paying for assisted living. 

Install a Walk-in Tub

Installing a walk-in tub is easy when you partner with WalkInTubs.Com. We handle all the heavy lifting and planning – all you have to do is share your ideas and project requirements with us, and we will take care of the rest. 

You can trust our experienced remodeling team to help you choose the best products and solutions for your needs, in addition to completing a professional installation. 

We offer free consultations and price estimates for walk-in tub installations nationwide. Call us today or fill out the form to get yours!

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